Non Destructing Testing Services

Buena Vista Shipping since 1st February, 2017 a new Team of professionals has joined Buena Vista Shipping.

BUENA VISTA SHIPPING technicians for UTM are certified to International Standards and are fully conversant with all Classifications requirements dealing, on daily basis, with CAP survey and Special Survey in accordance with IACS Unified requirements.

Additional testing provided:

– Thermography of all on-board systems are kept on checking the sealing of the hatches, inspection of pipes and manifolds. (FLIR 55904-8422 res 640X480)

– Vibrometry on rotating machines in general, and their supports. (FLUKE 810 SMP)

– Noise measurements of the workplace on the basis of MSC-337(91) EX IMO RESOLUTION A468 (XII) (LUTRON SL-4022)

– Vibration analysis in the workplace according to the legislation ISO 6954-2000E (LUTRON VB-82120

-Control of the seals of the hatches, watertight doors and ramps by ultrasonic tester (SDT 270 SHERLOG MASTER)

– Remote inspections by drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera and video camera for close up to the higher parts of the holds, tanks and areas not easily accessible.

– Mechanical Inspections and internal collectors by borescope.(FLYR VS70)

– Dimensional check, roundness and corrosion of two-stroke engines cylinder liner without disassembly of interference. (CHRIS MARINE LDM)

– Control of the magnetic fields. (FLUKE 435 II – FLUKE BT 521)

– Analysis of Exaust Gas

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